Prints & inks


Kerry designs each print, inspired by her travels around the world. She aims to capture the essence of these beautiful places, immersing you in the feeling she felt, to instantly transport you there when you put it on, without having to get on a plane. They are like a beautiful memory, the ultimate souvenier, that can be treasured forever.

Her deigns are then brought to life by an amazing family run screen printers that have been perfecting their craft for generations, in Delhi India. Once the design and scale of the print has been finalised, the screens are made and the testing process begins. Kerry buys her raw fabric, like bamboo & organic cotton from a certified, sustainable and ethical supplier. Colours react very differently on the different fabrics, and, as each colour for each screen is created by hand, there is long testing process to make sure the colours are just right.


The inks used are certified AZO free, chemical free dyes and are all mixed by hand and by eye by the master - not machine. An incredible process, that is a true craft and joy to see and experience. Each colour change or tweak in the development process takes time. A wonderful, thorough and crucial part of the process. How the colours behave on the fabric is everything to the final result..

Our Factory


We believe in being kind to the planet, people, creatures and each other. It is the basis of everything we do and we are proud to say all our pieces are made in an ethical and fair, vastly spacious family run factory, where workers are on excellent salaries. We also work with NGOs in Delhi to to transform production waste into new beautiful things.


Mandy, the factory owner is integeral to Verry Kerry’s growth. His patience, talent and work ethic has seen Verry Kerry grow from the beginning concept to now, and he has remained smiling despite the amount of dizzying prints Kerry has brought him over the years. His key workers have been with him for over 15 years which is a great testament to him as an employer. He has a heart of gold and the care and kindness he shows his employees is heartwarming.

Great Relationships

Being on the factory floor working along side the masters means everything to Kerry. It is where the magic happens and where she learns so much, every single time. From the core pattern cutters, to embroideres and machinists, to the people who sewing on the labels, pressing and packing, Kerry values each and every one of them, and make sure she visits them, practicies her (terrible) hindi on them, and deeply thanks them for everything they do. She believes they are the real heros in the process, bringing what;s in her mind to life - beautifully. She prides herself in the great relationships she creates and evokes a fun, laughter filled environment.
We deeply care about the people, suppliers, fabrics, manufacturing and packaging that we use, and the impact our production has on the environment, and the people who help create it.

Zero Waste

Off Cuts

There is nothing Kerry despises more than waste. Waste of any kind. The clothing industry is notoriously guilty for recklessly creating billions of tonnes of waste and Kerry refuses to be a part of it. All of our off cuts from production go to an incredibly inspiring NGO ‘Green The Map’, where her fabric waste, is combined with other waste materials such as rubber tyre, seatbelts, juice containers & elephant poo, to create incredible, creative, upcyled, vegan accessories.

Working with an Amazing NGO

Green the Map is an arm of the inspiring NGO Swechha, where they train people from impoverished sections of Delhi, and give them training, skills and employment. They also have many programms empowering underpriveledged children, and work with many schools educating them on the importance of the environment, planting trees, forests and inspiring children and adults alike to respect and fall in love with their envirnment, protect it and be a part of it’s growth not destruction. They are continually fighting against the government for the rights of trees, the integral river the Yamuna, and tackling the vast and overwhelming waste issue that surrounds them.Vimlendu Jha, an environmentalist and activist is the brain and heart behind this incredible organisation and it is an honour to have worked with him and his amazing team for 8 years and counting.

Vegan Upcycled Products

Plastic Free

We Hate Plastic

Plastic is EVERYWHERE. It is destroying our planet and it seems no one is moving fast enough to make sure they don’t use it. We at Verry Kerry HATE plastic with a passion, and make sure there is none in our packaging whatsoever.


All our lovely pieces get placed in either a reuslable fair trade cotton tote bag, or reusable upcycled fabric drawstring bag. The totes are to encourage taking a reusable bag with you at all times, so when you pop into any shop, you have no need to use a plastic bag. The drawstring bags are amazing little travel bags, and can be used to separate your dirty socks and jocks from the rest, as well as shoes, and perfect for nappies, toys, and little shopping trips too.

Mailing Bags

We use unbleached, natural, recycled paper mailing bags for shipping our orders!

Production Shipments

Every production usually gets packed individually in plastic. that means every kimono arrives wrapped in it’s own plastic only to be thrown away. I am very proud to say that we pack 5-10 kimonos into a biodegradable bag! It took some effort, research and insisting, but we got there in the end, and I am even more thrilled to know that my factory now uses these bags for all of their clients production. WIN.

Giving Back

Streets Kitchen

For years now we have been boycotting ‘Black Friday’, bemused by all it represents, and the detrimental impact it has on the environment. Instead, we donate a large percentage of sales to helping those in need and have been buying warm thermal socks and menstrual pads/tampons for our less fortunate friends and handing them out through the remarkable London organisation ‘Streets Kitchen’. Jon, the founder and driving force, is a living angel and the work he and his team of volunteers do on a daily basis is nothing short of extraordinary.
It has been a real privilege to meet and work with Jon over the years and make deep friendships and connection with some of those less fortunate. We also have supported Malambo Grass Roots in Zambia, Kikora (helping street children) in Kenya, Swechha Ngo and Tara Girls in Delhi, and aim to work closer and deeper with these and more in the future.