Help Us Help You Discover Hidden Gems

Help Us Help You Discover Hidden Gems

We L O V E travel.
It is the greatest inspiration for all that we create, and we love nothing more than new discoveries that blow our minds, and experiences that give us goosies and tingles of delight.

This is why we have created #hiddengems, a map where you can share your discoveries and help others on their travels

Whether you've had the most mouth-watering octopus salad on Mont Choisy beach in Mauritius, swum with stingrays at dawn in the Whitsundays, Australia, or watched the flame-like sun go down to the grunt of happy hippos with monkeys nibbling your nuts (peanuts!) in Zambia, we want to know!

Did you know? You can add the map to your Google Maps and have it always with you.

Click on the star symbol next to the name, you will then be able to access the Hidden Gems map at any time in 'Your Places' :),,/key/a1ddbb793c56a400300a940389d5dc5de917eb8a1cec20aa59edfad4cfc35c91/