Aug 14 ,2015 Written By: Verry Kerry

Father's Day

I think we all take the Dad in our lives a little for granted at some point, so I think there is no better day to tell him how fabulous he is and how much we appreciate all he does.

Father and Daughter
But what do dads really want for father’s day? This year forget the tie..

Here’s what I think...

> Feel special & appreciated
Secretely they know we already do it every day, but make them feel loved with a personalised gift or a unique shirt is always something special. Notonthehighstreet has a great selection of gifts (remember to allow enough time for the personalisation). For the shirts...well you know where to look....Here!;)
> Eat their favourite food

While I am all about trying things new, I know the dads in my life are all about tradition. So while I cannot treat my dad to a glorious British Roast (he lives in the Congo)...I can treat my carnivore partner to Ted Restaurant, a great option offering all free - range , locally sourced ethical meat (Phew). 

> Have some fun time with the little ones & family

If having happy kids for the day is the key to having a relaxed and smile inspiring day, I'd recommend some outdoor fun activity. Which dad does not love a BBQ, with space to run, balls to kick, a scrum with the kids...and cold beer? 

> Watch their favourite sport

May sound cliché but (ahi!) it is the truth: most dad like (ehm sport. It does seem to make them happy... 

So why not treat them to a cricket or football stadium tour or a supercar experience. Buyagift has a good selection of both. For the tennis lovers Wimbledon 2015 is coming up soon and tickets are on sale on Ticketmaster...

For all those wives & girlfreinds out there, a bit of sweetness doesn’t go astray. And our men do like a bit of pampering even if they won’t admit it. Anything from a massage, foot rub, hot bath to a snuggle on the sofa ... and who knows where it will lead ..
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