Black Friday Bollocks!

Black Friday Bollocks!

Black Friday Bollocks!

Let’s Make a positive impact instead.

Black Friday is looming, and once again we won’t be taking part. We’ll be boycotting it as ever and turning it into something positive and Inspiring! Heavy discounts, fast fashion and undervaluing goods, that create ludicrous frenzies, is something that we just don’t believe in.


Previous years we have donated 20& of our sales during Black Friday to the amazing group Streets Kitchen, who directly touch the lives of those living rough on the street in London, without fail every single day. We managed to buy thousands of warm thermal socks and menstrual pads for those less fortunate over the years. 

This year we are going back to Kerry’s beloved Motherland ‘Africa’ and are collaborating with one of our wonderful Verry Kerry friends Kikora : Street Children in Maralal. A wonderful project started by the inspiring Giorgia Zanin, which aims to improve the impoverished conditions of the children living on the street and rehabilitate them with their families in Maralal (North Kenya).

We’re Taking These Awesome Kids To The BEACH! 

Growing up in and never stepping outside of their remote town of Maralal, they have never seen the sea, heard the waves, felt the sand beneath their toes or been to a big city. 

We will be donating 20% of our sales over Black Friday to fund this once in a lifetime exciting travel experience, injecting joy and inspiration into the lives of these kids who haven’t had the best start in life. And giving them a taste of travel and the joy of seeing and discovering something new. The core passion and inspiration behind Verry Kerry.

It’s incredible to speak to the founder Giorgia Zanin about her project, and no one can explain what it’s all about better than her:

“The children who stay with us at Kikora have gone through way too much in their life and they are still so young… abuse, violence, abandonment, negligence, both in the street and at home. When we welcome them in our center, our main aim is to help them heal their soul and stand again in order to grow up as strong and loving adults able not only to manage their life but to bring joy and hope to their family and community. Despite what they have endured, we believe that with the right help they can transform their sufferance into the power that will make the adults who will make a better tomorrow.

Most of these children have never left the small town where they were born, they have no idea what the world looks like out of those hills. Sometimes we walk to a dam nearby and when they see some houses at the horizon they ask if that is Nairobi, yet we just walked 15 minutes from home and Nairobi is 400 Km away! Definitely none of them have ever seen the ocean, they cannot imagine how much water is in the sea or the sounds of the waves… yet all this is there, in their own country! (Oh I am already imagining their surprised faces when they will first see it, I can’t wait!!)  We want them to find an inspiration, and this trip could be that inspiration, that moment that they will never forget and will remind them that if they really work hard to leave the street life forever and set their mind on their objectives their dreams will become true. And I am happy that (Verry) Kerry decided to support me in this idea because, beside myself, she is one of the few people I know that passed the age of 25 and yet did not stop on believing that dreams eventually do become true if we want it!” - Giorgia Zanin

“Kikora is not a Children’s home but a rescue and rehabilitation centre, meaning we do not stay with the children until they are adults but we help them to be welcomed back in their family. While with us they go through an intense program of healing and counseling. In the meantime our social workers look for their family and try to identify a responsible guardian (not always their parents so we also look among all other family members close and far). Once the guardian is found, he or she will be accompanied through a preparation to welcome back the child. When both the child and family are ready, their child is brought back home and we visit him for a long time until we are sure he is totally fine.

The entire process requires an intense amount of time, care and effort : so why do we do it? We do it because we believe that each child deserves a family and a chance. Families too deserve a chance to learn how to handle and care for their kids. 

From 2015 to date we have reached out to more than 70 kids in Maralal and continue to each day.  None of which would be possible without our incredible local team giving their dedication and love, creating magic every day. “ - Giorgia Zanin

Black Friday is destructive to our planet and promotes the opposite of sustainable living. Fast fashion and cheap junk is having negative effects both socially and on the environment. Over-consumption has been normalised and it’s time we turn this around and create a future where climate change, the sea of plastic, loss of habitat and species, as well as blatant disregard for human wellbeing is no longer a thing. Together we can. Let’s turn BLACK friday into BRIGHT Friday. A time of kindness and giving.

If you want to donate directly to Kikora click here

Will you join us?